New 6 Month GALtenders Goalie Program


6 Month Program-Work One-on-One with me! Improve Your Confidence, Expand Your Mindset, Get the Mental Edge! Downloadable Workbook, 2 Coaching Calls per Month, 1 Video Review per Month.

This is a 6 month program that allows me to be your goalie coach remotely! I have been a goalie for the past 20+ seasons and have played at some of the highest levels including AAA, NCAA D1, and NCAA D3. I still play competitively with the Women’s Honeybaked Team and my passion for the game is burning brighter than ever. I have been a Goalie Coach for the past 15+ seasons and have coached at various levels including: USA Regional Camps, Travel Hockey Tier 2 and 3, High School Hockey, and Women’s Hockey. I run AdvantEDGE Goaltending and am the founder of the GALtenders Unite group on Facebook which is 600+ members strong of all female goalies and their guardians. This group has GALtenders from ALL over the world and ALL different levels-seriously, we have beginner to pro to former Olympians in here. So check it out! I am also an NASM licensed Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as a full-time Firefighter/Medic-I know what it takes to reach your goals and I am here to help you get to yours this season!


What do I need to qualify? You need to be a GALtenders that is 12+ years old, be committed to completing the program and being accountable for scheduling your calls and doing your challenges, and be ready to improve! Email me for a free coaching call if you’d like more information on the program before committing!


Included in this unique program are:

Two Coaching Calls per month via ZOOM-These calls are 20 minutes minimum and are used as check-ins as well as to address any of your concerns both on or off the ice. These are tailored to each goalie so there is no ‘one size fits all’. Some goalies may use this time to discuss mental hang-ups in their game while others may want to throw on their gear and get on a slide board to ask specific questions about their technique. These are YOUR coaching calls so once we get the general housekeeping done (checking in on how your goals are going and if you are having issues with tracking and accountability) consider this your time to have me for a one-on-one customized coaching session.

One video review per month of a game or training session of your choice-This review will feature written out and time stamped notes so that you can go back and access any of the specific points made at any point. These notes are yours to keep so you can jump back months or years from now and see how you game has evolved!

6 Month Workbook- This one of a kind workbook will improve your accountability and organize your goals as well as challenge you to expand and improve on your mindset. There are daily check-ins, weekly goal setting, overall SMART goal setting, and weekly challenges to push you to expand your horizons and take your mentality and confidence to the next level. This workbook is repeatable and applicable for any part of life. This WILL change your relationship with your goals and accountability and you can carry this with you going forward with any obstacle that you will face both on and off the ice!





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