30 Day Specialized Off Ice Goalie Program


This is an intense, 30 day structured off ice program specifically for hockey goalies. You don’t need any special equipment! Just follow along-each exercise has a linked Youtube Video for those in the program.

In this program, we’re covering

  • Pre-Game Warm-Up
  • Post-Game Rehab
  • Goalie Specific Flexibility
  • Goalie Specific Strength and Agility
  • Hand-eye coordination and Stick Handling

Buckle up!


Looking for a 30 Day bodyweight program that requires no special equipment and is tailored for goalies? Look no further than right here! Focused in the areas of Mobility, Strength, Agility, Hand-Eye, and Stick Handling this program is repeatable and applicable to all ages and levels of goalie! Whether you are a Weekend Warrior or an Elite Goaltender you can get the AdvantEDGE in your game starting right here!

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